Wardrobe Curation and Styling Consultation

Your wardrobe your style

A Considered Approach

A complete wardrobe and styling refresh, in-person consultations only.


I’ll assess your preferences and the areas you need guidance with. What is and isn’t working for you? Does your existing wardrobe suit your lifestyle and desired look?



With a seasoned eye, I’ll identify your immediate and future needs and establish what’s missing from your wardrobe or what would benefit from an update. I suggest placing specific emphasis on core pieces that will form part of a capsule wardrobe, leaning into what resonates with you and provides year-round longevity. I’ll recommend where you can purchase these items, or I can purchase them for you.



Each piece in your wardrobe should have a purpose. I'll assist with editing items that no longer fit, that need altering, or that simply no longer suit your lifestyle, leaving you with a workable capsule wardrobe and a productive wider selection of clothing and accessories. For those items you’re ready to let go of, I’ll recommend reputable charitable organisations, fashion rental sites, resale sites and consignment stores.



Together we will gain clarity on the sentimental or investment pieces you no longer wear or use and can put away.



Using your existing wardrobe as a foundation, I’ll show you how to style pieces in order to bring your clothes back to life and, crucially, how to incorporate those trickier styles you never reach for. I’ll put together a selection of go-to looks, highlighting key combinations that can be adapted and easily replicated with alternative pieces, as well as the finishing touches to complete your outfit.



Once the edit has been completed, I’ll reorganise and categorise your wardrobe, leaving you with an ordered and uncluttered selection that’s a pleasure to peruse. I’ll suggest wardrobe solutions that work for your space and budget.

Before your initial consultation, I’ll schedule a complimentary thirty-minute call with you, where I’ll introduce myself, get to know you, and better understand your needs.